Jul 8, 2009

Homosexuality is a Disorder


Caution: This post contains explicit descriptions not suitable for children.

Homosexuality is a disorder. It was never normal and is never normal... Lots of people are confused about what is natural and what is unnatural? Let me explain you with few examples.
Ex 1: Inhaling Oxygen is natural. Whereas deliberately and forcefully inhaling C2O is unnatural... Smoking is an example of inhaling C2O forcefully... Hence by doing this unnatural act one is going to face the consequences...
Ex 2: Cattle taking vegetarian food are natural... Forcefully making them eat non veg is unnatural... You might have heard about the cows in Australia getting some vierd disease? Hence the consequences by doing an unnatural act...
Ex 3: Cutting down huge amount of trees is unnatural... Hence the terror of Global warming...

Similar is the case of Gay... A female sexual organ is designed is such a way that it can accommodate the male sexual organ... If anything other than that is inserted it is unnatural and she has to face the consequences... Same way a male sexual organ is meant for female sexual organ and if he inserts it into something else he has to face for the consequences...
Same way the Anal organ of either male or female is meant for the excretion of stools... If anything is inserted into it against the natural course, it is bound to consequences... Hence sodomy is an unnatural act and is a disorder... Whether it is done with either male or female it is unnatural... Ask any doctor, s/he will tell you about it.
If someone wants to do it with "Mutual Consent" let them do it within the four walls and do not disturb the society (Now this doesnt mean it is right)... If such thing is made legal then there will be consequences within the society... You may not face the consequences right now... But it is inevitable...
A "Sociologist" may give you a better reply about the consequences on the society...

Let us not go in the direction of the wind... Let us study where the wind goes and where will it lead us? Then make a decision whether to go by the direction of the wind or to go against... It is true that homosexuality existed from age old days... It is also mentioned in the Quran... This doesnt mean that if it existed from age old days it is correct... It also does not mean that if it did not exist and people are doing it now then it has to be wrong... We have to study the things carefully and then come to a decision... Not to follow the west in all directions..

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Jul 2, 2009

Blogging with Zemanta


When I started blogging I was wondering what to write? But as of now I got a bit of experience and can write up something or the other and express myself on the wast internet. But a few days back I got this cool stuff called Zemanta. It helps you blog out anything. The best part of this stuff is that you get to label your post with appropriate labels. By the time I have written all this I have got lots of related stuff from where I can use them and build my blog.

The first thing you should do is to install this stuff. It comes as an addon or plugin for the web browsers. It is supported by both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
The next step is to start composing a new blog or post or start editing your old post. You will see that Zemanta is displayed at the right hand side of your working area. In this section you get to see related images, videos and articles or blogs already published which is based on the stuff what you have alredy written. You can chose any of the images for your post. You can also quote the blogs or insert the links of those related blogs or posts. For example the following is the link taken from Zemanta

Just by clicking on the appropriate link, the above one gets added into your post. To remove it just click on the link again and the above link vanishes. Its just easy and really user friendly.
You can get registered in Zemanta and change your preferences in the Zemanta to make your blog lot more easier.

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

Thats not all. At the bottom of this composing you will get to link many of the words from your post to either the wikipedia or the homepage of that related stuff.
And at the end after posting you get a link from where you can reblog this post by adding your own stuff in it. Try it out and you will love it.

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