Aug 20, 2007

A Half-Developed Eye Cannot See


The eye is one of the most manifest pieces of evidence that living creatures are created. This exceptional organ is so overwhelmingly complex that it surpasses even the most sophisticated devices in the world.
In order for an eye to see, all of its parts have to co-exist and work in harmony. for instance, if an eye happened to have lost its eyelid, but still had all the other parts such as the cornea, conjunctiva, iris, pupil, eye lenses, retina, choroid, eye muscles, and tear glands, it would still be greatly damaged and soon lose its seeing function. In the same manner, even if all its organelles were present, if the tear production were stopped, the eye would soon dry out and become blind..
The chain of coincidences’ posited by so called evolutionists loses all its meaning against the complex structure of the eye. It is not possible to explain the existence of the eye other than as a matter of special creation. The eye has a multi-sectioned complex system and, as discussed above, all of these individual sections had to come into existence at the same time
It is impossible for a half-developed eye to function at ‘half capacity’. In such a circumstance, the act of seeing can by no means take place. An evolutionist scientist admits to this truth:
The common trait of the eyes and the wings is that they can only function if they are fully developed. In other words, a halfway-developed eye cannot see; a bird with half-formed wings cannot fly.(Bilim ve Teknik magazine, vol. 203, p. 25)

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  1. A Sea Cucumber can see. It has less than 1/10th of an eye. Do some research before saying the eye has to be created. Hell, I am red/green colour blind. A designed creature should never have these errors. Also there is a massive blind spot in the centre of the eye, where the nerves are connected to the FRONT of the retina, our cameras have the connection at the back, which seems utterly random?

  2. @The random anonymous commenter:
    A Sea Cucumber can see because it has an eye. Which is perfectly designed. If you have some disease it doesn't mean that the eye is not created.
    I dont understand what question you are asking on randomness of the Eye.

    And I dont understand why people talk things which they feel are right, behind the mask.

  3. A sea cucumber can see, so its eye must have been designed and created. Is this the way you think? "Existence proves creation" nedds to be proven first.

  4. Is the disease designed perfectly, too?


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