Jun 16, 2010

Online Compiler


Once I was googling around for some logic in the internet. Finally I got the logic and at the same time there was code for it. I thought there is some mistake in the code. There was no compiler in the machine I was working. So I searched for an online compiler. I could not find one, but recently I found the link in one of the blogs I was following. I thought of sharing this valuable website with you as you also may come across such situations. The credit goes to the post of "5 cool websites" from beingPC.com
The website is www.ideone.com In this website you need to compose or copy-paste the code to compile. It is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows to compile more than 40 programming languages. You can make your code public for others to use of private for your own use. You can be able to give input from an input box provided. Every code will be given an unique link so that you can make use of it again.
There are two important links, one is samples and the other is recent pastes where you can get to know about the different coding sytanx of different languages.
Because of this website I got to know many types of programming languages, especially the whitespace and brain*** programming language. Pretty interesting ones. Do have a check on it.
Limitations of this compiler:
·         Compilation time: 10 seconds,
·         Execution time: 5 seconds,
·         Memory usage: 256 MB.
One more online compiler I came across is www.codepad.com not as good as ideone.com

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