Jan 6, 2010

Better teach Humanity than going Green


Today as I was leaving from home to office in my Blue Pulsar bike. As usual I was cruising down the road. My heart always cries when I cross this main road where the construction of Bangalore Metro Rail is going on at the expense of thousands of green trees. After crossing this road there is one more road to cross which isn’t the main road but is normally busy because of the construction of the Metro Rail. I always slow down at this point and then proceed.

Today as I was slowing down I saw few people gathering on the other side of the road. I stopped for a while and wondered why the crowd? Then I saw a yellow Karizma bike lying on the road and just next to it as if touching the bike was the New Activa. I realized there was some sort of accident. Then I saw a person lifting a lady who was in her 20s, who was wearing a dark pink T-Shirt and a blue Jeans. The scene was as if she was dead. Her head was down, her hands had no strength. The person who was lifting could not lift her completely. Her legs were touching the ground but were not firm. Suddenly someone told to bring water.

I thought for a while should I go or wait and see what happens. I parked my bike and went there, where this entire scene was going on. At this time water was brought and was given to her. I do not know whether she drank it or not. The guy was still holding her in his both hands. The first thing I did was to check if she was breathing. And ya she was breathing and there was hope. An Auto Rickshaw was called and ready to take her to hospital. The guy was helpless, he could not lift her and nobody was even trying to help him. Then I went and caught the other hand of the girl and her leg and we both tried to lift her and take her in the Auto. Again it was difficult for both of us to put her into the Auto. I told the guy to get inside the Auto (Thinking that he might be related to her), he went inside but left hold of her, now I had to lift her alone into the Auto.
All were giving different instructions, but nobody even bothered to help. At last we could put her into the Auto. I don’t know who the guy was but he went with her to the hospital. The way his expressions were telling I think he was just another passerby. Might be he was having better humanity than me.

Then I made myself relaxed and was about to leave, I saw people gathering there again by the roadside. I was curious to see what the matter is. There I saw 2 elderly couples sitting on the pedestrian. They were having few bruises on their skin. By the discussions I came to know that the young couples hit this elderly couples. The elderly couples were coming from the cross road and these couples were coming from the other road. One Auto Rickshaw stopped making way for the elderly couples to go. The young couples who were speeding in the Karizma bike overtook this Auto from the left side not knowing that the elderly couple is coming on the Activa and hit them. Might be they were in a hurry.

From this incident I was wondering if people really have humanity in them or not. Nobody was ready to even give a hand to help. All were having strong hands and they are making no use of it to help anyone? The whole world is crying about GREEN GREEN. Instead of crying Green Green why can't they teach the whole world about Humanity? If Humanity is there people will be concerned about Green and how to save other humans or animals and how to save this planet! If there is no Humanity there is nothing you can do.

No Humanity? No Green!!!

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