Sep 4, 2009

The Click-Click World


I got this mail stating that "The following sites are anti-Islamic so dont trust the contents of those sites. And please inform others not to do so and forward this to all". It wasn’t for the first time. I got such mails many times. I replied not to send such mails, but I repeatedly get such forwards. I dont know how to respond to such people.
What happens is, out of curiosity one happens to see such sites and look into the content to judge if it is really an anti-so-snd-so site. They dont know that indirectly they are contributing in spreading these sites (if at all they are anti-so-and-so) and making them popular.
Firstly, these sites get popular by sending to many people or users. Many people get to know about these sites. Secondly they dont know that each Click to that site gets counted and since the hit-count gets increased the site gets popular in the internet world. As the site gets popular by the increased hit-count it gets into the search sites. And if a person who happens to find about a particular thing, for example - about Islam, he may land up getting wrong information.
So it is better these kind of sites (if they are really anti-so-and-so) should be ignored and let them die their natural death.

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