Jul 28, 2008

Protest Against Serial Blasts


Protest Against Serial Blasts, originally uploaded by mosikud.

SIO - Students' Islamic Organization of India, conducted a silent protest near Mahatma Gandhi Statue - Bangalore, against the Serial blasts which happened within the spam of two days. SIO strongly condemns the brutal ongoings throughout the country. SIO opines that the Terrorists are trying to destabilize the peace and harmony of this country. Be it Mumbai, Jaipur, Malegao, Gujarat carnage, Akhsardham, Mecca Masjid, Bangalore or Ahmedabad, terrorists are successful in creating a terror atmosphere through out the country. SIO demands the government to find out the perpetrators and penalize them accordingly. At the same time innocents must not be tortured or punished without any proofs, as it is happening in various parts of the country. SIO urges people of the whole country to remain calm and maintain communal harmony. SIO also demands the government not to put a blame game on politics and unite under one banner to fight against the Terrorism and uproot it from this country.

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