Oct 30, 2007

Tehelka sting exposes our Society


Tehelka is back this time more strongly with its new sting on Gujarat pogrom. The sting is very significance and Historic not only because of its sensitivity but mainly because of its description of facts and its impact on our Society. Politicians have every right to question its timing, the intention, and authenticity especially after the fake sting of a channel, and Assembly Election in Gujarat but the reality that came out of this is very dangerous, grave and shocking.

Since, tapes are open for scrutiny by the Courts and the Commissions, No channel or magazines will ever dare to indulge in the fake sting of this nature which has shaken the nation. The meaningful silence of the orator and the self proclaimed lion of Gujarat and the resignation of Arvind Pandya, Advocate General of Gujarat, establish the authenticity to the sting.

Sting has shown us a Mirror. It supports what K.S. Subramanian has noted (he is The Author of Political Violence and a member of concerned citizens' tribunal, who visited Gujarat after the pogrom in 2002) as a CONJOINT EFFORT of a section of Majority community and the state government both wedded to the same ideology. It also explores how self centered politicians can use misguided masses and then throw them in Jail. How can they Corrupt the Lawyers, can communalize the Administration, can bribe the people in our judiciary and most important of them all how can they abuse the power and knowledge to discriminate, to benefit themselves and can make Justice Impossible. Politicians, Administration, Judiciary, the pillars of our democracy are prone to get abused or corrupted. It puts a question mark on our democracy because the whole system can be misused by the few people.

It also clarifys that the Hindutva presented by the RSS, BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal is different or in fact contradictory to the Hinduism. The true Hindu and they are in Majority, will never support Schism in Gujarat and will term it a slap on Hinduism. In fact No sane human being will ever support the butchering of pregnant women, burning of Children and slaughtering of innocent human being. All these were the reaction of the misguided masses but what is more brutal, ruthless and inhuman was the attitude of white color criminals like, the Police who allegedly murdered the Indian citizens just because of their religious affiliation, the Lawyers, who managed the court cases in favor of the Criminals, the Politicians who instigated religious sentiment, polarized the society to get elected and remain in the power. The Hindutva presented by the Sangh Parivaar is in contrast to Hinduism and broadly rejected by the majority and that is why these communal forces could not come to power on their own ever.

The role of Congress is rightly interpreted by the journalists as guarded and this class sees everything in the terms of Elections. Coming to power is their ultimate goal. Humanity, Nationalism, Patriotism, secularism are the words for them to use in the speeches and forget. Why congress does not file the case when Mr.Abhishek Singhvi himself admitted in the talk show that these tapes can be used as legal evidence? The fact of the matter is Congress is as guilty as the BJP as could be understand by their attitudes towards Srikrishna Commission in Maharashtra. Tarun Tejpal, editor of Tehehlka, has rightly concluded that the shining name like Sonia and Manmohan present abject report cards Modi walks with the Bravery of the bigot; and the idea of India dulls by the day.

It's a challenge for the Election Commission to conduct the Free and Fair Election in Gujarat because the whole of administration has been under pressure to work for the MODI or the BJP as could be seen by the action taken against the news Channels by the District Collector of Ahmedabad, who is also the Election Officer of the District. False implication of a reporter also confirms this. These feelings are reflected by the NRIs statement also where 17 Indian American organizations and 21 eminent members of the NRI community in the United States urged the UPA Government to impose Presidents' rule in Gujarat, arrest ''all criminals'' who confessed their crime and transfer all legal cases pertaining to the 2002 Gujarat riots to a court outside Gujarat.

What is now needed is the Action. As proposed by the leading Lawyer like Yusuf Muchala , the Supreme Court must take SUO MOTO action as they took in the case of Gujjars right in Rajasthan recently Or as recommended by Majeed Memon that the Chief Monster,( describe by Anil Dharkar) Narendra Modi be debar from contesting Election . Check the authenticity of the tape, punish the guilty and the culprits as early as possible because the Justice delayed may not be justice denied but will definitely support the barbarians come to power and will abused it in their favor.

Secondly Mike Ghouse, a Speaker, Thinker, Writer, Moderator and president of the Foundation for Pluralism has rightly observed that Parallels can be drawn between Hitler and Modi. Both of them had an Iron clad grip on some of their people, both of them brought economic prosperity while one was annihilating Jews, the other was tacitly letting Muslims be butchered. The ones who are reaping the benefits of the unprecedented economic prosperity considered both the men as their God given leaders; their word was the final word to them. However deep down, any soul should feel the intense pain and suffering of the victims, after all without such feeling, one cannot be called a human. Adharma is a bigger killer of a civil society than any weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, Guajarati community must vote out these criminals because they are no friend of them as alleged by the father of the Ex-Home Minister of Gujarat, Harin Pandya and complained by the Babu Bajrangi that VHP did not support the rioters who were in Jail. So our society must come back to the Gandhisim and reject the Modism.

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  1. I have had enough of such blogs from Muslim not just in India but the world over. But can some Muslim, be him anywhere, show courtesy to the Hindus who were thrown out of their homes in Kashmir in the name 'Allah' the all merciful? Can some Muslim show some similar response to the terrorists by endowing upon 'Fatwa' on them? Why only Modi and Sangh Parivar? And considering Gujarat what about the 252 Hindus massacred in the train and that which was called as 'accident'. Can you talk something about this Sikku. Gujarat is now years old and it needs to be forgotten and not recalled for the heck of making propaganda. Let's forget the past and join hands for a better tomorrow. Let's shed those insane dogmas and bring a better future to the coming generations. This is the only way we can save the world or else we are DOOMED!


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