Sep 17, 2007

By Chance...


One day I went to a certain town. It was by chance that I went to such a town. I don't know the name of the town but I saw something unusual there. I saw a beautiful store, it was so nicely built that it can attract anyone. It had nice carvings and the main thing was that it was completely symmetrical which was the greatest things of construction. Now I was curious to check what was being sold. As I guessed there were lots of customers who came to purchase different items. I thought of buying something. When I went to purchase to my astonishment I saw that nobody was there inside the store. Let alone the manager of the store there were no sales people also! But to my astonishment the store was running smoothly. The items were being sold to the customers and not only that the goods were coming to the store in such a way that the customers need not want to wait, if any item is out of stock. As soon as any need arises the good were bought into the store for sale. Thats not all, I did not see a trace of thing by which anyone can go inside and rob the whole store. The security system was so tight that nobody could rob anything from that store. It was safe from burglars and thieves without the supervision of any security staff! Could you believe it?
Do you believe it?
So I got confused and ran away from there. On my way I found one factory. It was large, beautifully built. I was imagining how did the engineer built such a nice factory? I went inside it. Nobody was there to stop me. hehe. Then I saw inside that there were fully sophisticated machines. I wondered who made it! Then I saw that the machines were actually running, in the sense it was working. But for my astonishment not a single person was there to operate it! No managers no foremen and no engineers to look after it! Well I thought that someone has started it and has went for a rest. I searched the whole factory but not a single trace of any humans were there. Now I just started to observe the machines. Those machines were such that without any operators it wont work, but they were working by itself. I was amazed and I came outside. There I saw a light lamp. It was made by a glass pole. On the top was a light bulb. There was no connection of any electricity. But the bulb was glowing. It was generating light by itself. How on earth is it possible? Then I broke the pole. The lamp fell down, now there was no connection between the pole and the bulb. But the bulb was still generating light and that too by its own.
Now after all this observations I concluded that all this happened by itself.
Something happened spontaneously and the whole store came into existence. It came into existence in such a way that there was no need of any salesmen or any managers. There was no need to check the availability of the goods. It came into existence in such a way that if any items are out of stock the goods have to arrive in time. How great it is!
I concluded that the factory which was built so nicely came into existence by its own. All the components of the machines had fitted themselves into place and started to run smoothly, giving out excellent products. There was no need of any managers or operators. Not only that the machines were designed by themselves in such a way that it wont get damaged. What a beauty isn't it? Then about the light? I was still wondering how could that bulb glow by itself. Then after several thinking at the end I came to a conclusion that the bulb came into existence by chance. By chance the whole glass was molded in such a way that it would take the shape of a bulb. Now the bulb by itself made the gaseous substance in itself in such a way that it could generate light. How amazing it is, isn't it?
Now who can be a greater philosopher than me who has concluded all this in such a way that no other greatest philosopher wont be able to convince you in such an easy way. Please spread this to others so that they can come to know that there are certain towns in which all these things happen. I know you will be asking for proofs. When certain people say that the whole existence of mankind and the animals and plants and all the natural things on this Earth and not only that the whole universe which is perfect in itself came into existence by chance then why can't these things come into existence by chance? Anything can happen by chance. Though the probability of such chance is near to zero, but it is not completely zero. Hence proved!!!

I would like to end my story by quoting one of the famous and the most noted physicists Isaac Bashevis Singer. Who said in a conference:
"Scientists discovered a deserted island. The scientists who stepped on the island were very impressed by what they saw there. They were fascinated by the jungles and wild animals. They climbed steep hills and examined their surroundings. They could not find the smallest sign of civilization in the island. Just when they were returning to their ship, they found a brand new watch on the beach. It was working perfectly. This was quite intriguing for the scientists. How did this watch come here? They knew for certain that no one had ever set foot on the island before them. So, there was only one other possibility. This watch, with its well crafted leather belt, glass, battery and other parts, came to this island by chance and settled on the beach. There is no other alternative."
To explain the impossibility of this, Singer ended his story in these words:
"Every watch certainly has a watchmaker."
[ Source: Taskin Tuna, Sonsuz Uzaylar (Eternal Spaces), p. 31 ]

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To know more about the Existence of God, read this link, The Road to Peace and Salvation, written by Maulana Abul A'la Maududi.
Thanks for patient reading.

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  1. Excellant phylosophy,unfotunately you can not post this blog to Darwin.I would like to request you to work on Evolution theory.There are lot of reserch on the subject,still some broad minded reserch is required.Keep writing.
    Best of luck.

  2. Keep it up nice one.


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