Nov 30, 2007

Deat by Presentation


While I was browsing through slideshare I got this presentation. Theis presentation is awesome and I would like to share it with my blog followers. This presentation shows you how you should prepare a presentation to impress people or to attract them. Instead of attracting the audience or the viewers we usually give them death by our presentation. This is what is all about this presentation. It would be great if you had a look into this presentation. I think you need to have flashplayer installed in your PC to view this presentation.

Death by PowerPoint

From: thecroaker, 4 months ago

Fighting death by PowerPoint... How to make a presentation and not to bore your audience to death.

SlideShare Link

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Oct 30, 2007

Tehelka sting exposes our Society


Tehelka is back this time more strongly with its new sting on Gujarat pogrom. The sting is very significance and Historic not only because of its sensitivity but mainly because of its description of facts and its impact on our Society. Politicians have every right to question its timing, the intention, and authenticity especially after the fake sting of a channel, and Assembly Election in Gujarat but the reality that came out of this is very dangerous, grave and shocking.

Since, tapes are open for scrutiny by the Courts and the Commissions, No channel or magazines will ever dare to indulge in the fake sting of this nature which has shaken the nation. The meaningful silence of the orator and the self proclaimed lion of Gujarat and the resignation of Arvind Pandya, Advocate General of Gujarat, establish the authenticity to the sting.

Sting has shown us a Mirror. It supports what K.S. Subramanian has noted (he is The Author of Political Violence and a member of concerned citizens' tribunal, who visited Gujarat after the pogrom in 2002) as a CONJOINT EFFORT of a section of Majority community and the state government both wedded to the same ideology. It also explores how self centered politicians can use misguided masses and then throw them in Jail. How can they Corrupt the Lawyers, can communalize the Administration, can bribe the people in our judiciary and most important of them all how can they abuse the power and knowledge to discriminate, to benefit themselves and can make Justice Impossible. Politicians, Administration, Judiciary, the pillars of our democracy are prone to get abused or corrupted. It puts a question mark on our democracy because the whole system can be misused by the few people.

It also clarifys that the Hindutva presented by the RSS, BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal is different or in fact contradictory to the Hinduism. The true Hindu and they are in Majority, will never support Schism in Gujarat and will term it a slap on Hinduism. In fact No sane human being will ever support the butchering of pregnant women, burning of Children and slaughtering of innocent human being. All these were the reaction of the misguided masses but what is more brutal, ruthless and inhuman was the attitude of white color criminals like, the Police who allegedly murdered the Indian citizens just because of their religious affiliation, the Lawyers, who managed the court cases in favor of the Criminals, the Politicians who instigated religious sentiment, polarized the society to get elected and remain in the power. The Hindutva presented by the Sangh Parivaar is in contrast to Hinduism and broadly rejected by the majority and that is why these communal forces could not come to power on their own ever.

The role of Congress is rightly interpreted by the journalists as guarded and this class sees everything in the terms of Elections. Coming to power is their ultimate goal. Humanity, Nationalism, Patriotism, secularism are the words for them to use in the speeches and forget. Why congress does not file the case when Mr.Abhishek Singhvi himself admitted in the talk show that these tapes can be used as legal evidence? The fact of the matter is Congress is as guilty as the BJP as could be understand by their attitudes towards Srikrishna Commission in Maharashtra. Tarun Tejpal, editor of Tehehlka, has rightly concluded that the shining name like Sonia and Manmohan present abject report cards Modi walks with the Bravery of the bigot; and the idea of India dulls by the day.

It's a challenge for the Election Commission to conduct the Free and Fair Election in Gujarat because the whole of administration has been under pressure to work for the MODI or the BJP as could be seen by the action taken against the news Channels by the District Collector of Ahmedabad, who is also the Election Officer of the District. False implication of a reporter also confirms this. These feelings are reflected by the NRIs statement also where 17 Indian American organizations and 21 eminent members of the NRI community in the United States urged the UPA Government to impose Presidents' rule in Gujarat, arrest ''all criminals'' who confessed their crime and transfer all legal cases pertaining to the 2002 Gujarat riots to a court outside Gujarat.

What is now needed is the Action. As proposed by the leading Lawyer like Yusuf Muchala , the Supreme Court must take SUO MOTO action as they took in the case of Gujjars right in Rajasthan recently Or as recommended by Majeed Memon that the Chief Monster,( describe by Anil Dharkar) Narendra Modi be debar from contesting Election . Check the authenticity of the tape, punish the guilty and the culprits as early as possible because the Justice delayed may not be justice denied but will definitely support the barbarians come to power and will abused it in their favor.

Secondly Mike Ghouse, a Speaker, Thinker, Writer, Moderator and president of the Foundation for Pluralism has rightly observed that Parallels can be drawn between Hitler and Modi. Both of them had an Iron clad grip on some of their people, both of them brought economic prosperity while one was annihilating Jews, the other was tacitly letting Muslims be butchered. The ones who are reaping the benefits of the unprecedented economic prosperity considered both the men as their God given leaders; their word was the final word to them. However deep down, any soul should feel the intense pain and suffering of the victims, after all without such feeling, one cannot be called a human. Adharma is a bigger killer of a civil society than any weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, Guajarati community must vote out these criminals because they are no friend of them as alleged by the father of the Ex-Home Minister of Gujarat, Harin Pandya and complained by the Babu Bajrangi that VHP did not support the rioters who were in Jail. So our society must come back to the Gandhisim and reject the Modism.

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Oct 26, 2007

Calvin's Faces


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Candle of Hope - Slide Show


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Oct 1, 2007

Ramadan Slides


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Sep 28, 2007

To Insure or not To Insure?


The topic, you may wonder why I have put like that? I got inspired by the topic in a community where I was having discussion. Once a student asked the question.
"Which pencil to use? 2B or not 2B?"
Let us come to the topic. To insure or not to insure? Let me begin with an example given by one of the members of that community.
He was playing like a child on the footpath and jumped over the bars and hedges just for fun (People dont forget their childhood even in their maturity [:P]). And lost his mobile phone while playing. now he was very sad, he lost his costly mobile phone. But since it was insured he got a replacement mobile within a day and was much relieved (You know how people feel without their mobile even for a minute).
So see how nice the insurance policy is. We get the things replaced if it is insured. Isn't it nice? Isn't making an insurance help us from not being worried about the loss?

On the face of it, YES. But if you look into the technical details with the light of Islam you will come to know how harmful it is and why it should not be used.

Ok let me begin with this. Whatever profit you get from Insurance, the basic harm of it is, the Trust in Allah will fade away. We trust in Allah that He is the only one who gives us loss and profit and no one else can harm us if He does not will us to harm and no one can save us if He wills us to put into trouble. One should know that just like all good things, all bad things also come from Allah (alone) and when Allah puts you in trouble then it is only Him who can pull you out of it.
(Qur'an 6:17) Should Allah touch you with affliction, there is none to remove it but He; and should He touch you with good, He has the power to do everything.
So now the question comes if u trust in Allah then you should be least bothered about your belongings. Let me clear you the concept of it by quoting a Hadeeth of our Prothet.
“One day Prophet Muhammad (SAW), noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it and he asked the Bedouin,“Why don't you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.” (Tirmithi)

So from this we come to know that we should take care of our security measures and then put all our trust in Allah. We should lock the keys of our house doors properly and then put our trust in Allah. Now one may ask isn't the Insurance policy also a kind of Security? For this I would like to give the replies given by one of the members of that community. It covers the technicality of the insurance as well. Please be patient and read completely as it is long a reply.

Tawakkul vs. Buying security (through Insurance)
The best way to highlight the difference between these two is the camel example.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked us to tie the camel first. That’s basic common sense, as all of us are concerned about our property. And we cannot blame Allah for our own stupidity. This is why we also lock our house at night. This is also why we install a security system in our cars. So Tawakkul comes AFTER we have exercised our free will and done the best we could to protect our property, for which we have been given some solid advice by Nabi (SAW).

Stepping into the deserts of Arabia for one moment, imagine that you tied your camel to the corral and then went into a mosque to pray. Someone stole the camel. Obviously, you did the best you could, but ended up losing the camel anyway (very precious resource in a desert). This is where Tawakkul comes in. All good things and all bad things come from Allah.

Now, the same analogy can be used to explain the security guard outside your door. Or the padlock on your main door. If someone holds the guard at gunpoint and robs you blind, will you then hold the guard at gunpoint and ask him to make good the loss? Of course not! Because it is not the poor security guard's fault, neither is he under any obligation to pay you back. So what do you do, despite the fact that you have been paying wages to the man, you accept this tough time from Allah and do Tawakkul. The security guard example, thus, cannot be used to justify insurance because the security guard does not indemnify you.

Now let’s look at insurance. The insurance company asks us to pay a premium and provided that all our premiums are paid in time and in full, they will make good the loss (indemnify). Step into the Arabian desert again (Just hypothetically ok, don't go into the desert and think). You have lost your camel, but the animal was insured. So you go to the insurance company and tell them that someone stole your camel. Do they pay you? NO! They ask the same common sensical question: Did you tie your camel?

So now, once you have proven that you did tie your camel they will pay you. If you are unable to prove that, your premiums will be lost as your claim will not be paid out . So now the scenario is that Allah sent trouble your way, and it seems that the insurance company bailed you out. The Tawakkul concept is killed right here, which is a basic tenet of our faith in Allah.

Having said that, let’s look at how the insurance company makes money. Open up any book on financial institutions and read about insurance companies. You will discover that the insurance companies make money through this equation:
Premiums Received – Claims paid out = Surplus (profit)
So the insurance game is all about getting more in premiums and paying out LESS, otherwise the company will be in a loss. This is why insurance companies design their contracts in such a way that getting the claim becomes really difficult. Here are some examples:
  1. Pay all your premiums on time and you get a 10% discount.
  2. If you miss your premium payment, your claim will not be paid out.
  3. If you are 25 and healthy as a horse, your premium payments will be LOWER.
  4. If you are 55 and have had a heart attack in the past, your premiums will be higher.
  5. If you are suffering from Hepatitis C, your premiums will be higher
  6. If you miss out on the premiums on your car insurance, your discount offer will be taken back.
  7. If there is a theft in your house, and the lock on your door wasn’t working properly, then your claim will not be paid out.
The next thing that makes the insurance business forbidden is that the insurance company HAS to invest in financial instruments that will give a guaranteed return. This is because it needs to predict its inflows if it is to settle claims in a year. Insurance companies keep these complex actuarial tables which give the probability of an event. How many people will have heart attacks, how many will die, how many cars and mobiles will be stolen etc. Based on these, they work out how many claims will be made or how many policies will mature over time. The better an insurance company is in making this calculation, the more prepared it is for any eventualities. But when things like Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and Sheffield floods happen, they refuse to pay out finding a convenient clause that says they don’t cover terrorism or Acts of Nature. What a laugh!! (By the way, some insurance companies now offer protection against terrorism as well but the clauses are even more strict).

By nature then, the insurance business needs predictability. This is why insurance companies are the biggest institutional investors in fixed rate bonds, long-term saving deposits, and mortgages. This means that their returns on investment are predominantly interest-based. That takes the Shariah-compliance out the window.

Now because we Muslims like to modify the financial system in such a way that it SEEMS Islamic, but still caters to all the needs of the investors today, we have modified insurance into Takaful without even checking first if Islam allows for insurance or not. Takaful companies claim that they invest the premiums into non-interest bearing assets, but what they do is that they invest them in variable interest rate securities (that ARE variable but pay interest within a range), or Islamic mortgages (which are doubtful anyway) or Sukuk bonds (doubtful again) or in indexed stock exchange mutual funds, that pay as much as the stock index. This also ensures returns reach a certain mark. Besides, stock exchange indexes like the Dow Jones, Standards & Poors and Dow Industrial are quite predictable.
But they all still violate the basic concept of Tawakkul and insurance by nature is very exploitative in nature. It is because of the exploitative aspect of it that we say it is un-Islamic.

For example, in UK, people pay £400 per year for a complete plumbing cover. Now what are the chances of your boiler breaking down every year? What if it did, then hiring a technician will cost about £150 and it is STILL less than what you pay in premiums. If ALL the plumbing in your house breaks down, THEN the insurance premiums feel worthwhile. But you see, the insurance company knows that, that does not happen every day. At the end of the day, we know that the insurance companies are profitable precisely because they are paying out less than they are getting in premiums.

There is also the effect of insurance on people's psyche: it makes them reckless or greedy. If your mobile hadn't been insured, you would check twice before jumping over the hedge. And recklessness is certainly not encouraged in Islam. There are also all those cases of Arson committed by people on their own properties to claim hefty insurance. There are also all those women/men murdered by their spouses to claim insurance if they are named as beneficiaries.

So Muslims should just try to lean on the best insurance possible: Tawakkul on Allah. So keep the idea of making insurance away from you mind and put all your Trust in Allah alone. So what is the means to achieve the welfare of the society will be another question?

The Zakath system along with Qarz-e-Hasan gives the answer.

Feel free to comment on this. I would like to have improvement in this topic. Thanks for the patient reading.

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Sep 20, 2007

Something unusual about me...


Hehe... What do u people think if I die?? Well most of u will be missing me... And somebody will thanks God, Bala tal Gayee... But there is someone who misses me more than anyone...
Just find out who it is...


Check out 'What will your obituary say?' ;)

In fact maybe this is true... I always laugh and love laughing... And seriously the Muppets kind people will surely miss me... hehe

One more quiz.. The question was will you get away with murder? Seriously I dont even think of murdering anyone..
But just check out the reply...

Ten Years: You would get caught, but only because of the guilt you'd feel. But you will be left free the next day you enter the Jail, only because your Net name is Sikku.

Hehe... So if u have a net name Sikku, you will also get freed...
Check out whether you get away with murder or not?

Check my name meaning..

Sikku --


A person with a sixth sense for detecting the presence of goblins

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Sixth sense... huh. In fact I do have sixth sense... But why will I detect the presence of unusual creatures called goblins, haaan?

Hey but later I found out that, the site gives different definitions for the same name for different times you query it... huh. I thought it gives same meaning all the time...

Check this

Sikku --


A deadly strain of projectiile vomit

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Yuck... What a bad definition... huh.

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Sep 18, 2007

Allama Iqbal's Rare Pictures...


For more on Allama Iqbal:

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Sep 17, 2007

By Chance...


One day I went to a certain town. It was by chance that I went to such a town. I don't know the name of the town but I saw something unusual there. I saw a beautiful store, it was so nicely built that it can attract anyone. It had nice carvings and the main thing was that it was completely symmetrical which was the greatest things of construction. Now I was curious to check what was being sold. As I guessed there were lots of customers who came to purchase different items. I thought of buying something. When I went to purchase to my astonishment I saw that nobody was there inside the store. Let alone the manager of the store there were no sales people also! But to my astonishment the store was running smoothly. The items were being sold to the customers and not only that the goods were coming to the store in such a way that the customers need not want to wait, if any item is out of stock. As soon as any need arises the good were bought into the store for sale. Thats not all, I did not see a trace of thing by which anyone can go inside and rob the whole store. The security system was so tight that nobody could rob anything from that store. It was safe from burglars and thieves without the supervision of any security staff! Could you believe it?
Do you believe it?
So I got confused and ran away from there. On my way I found one factory. It was large, beautifully built. I was imagining how did the engineer built such a nice factory? I went inside it. Nobody was there to stop me. hehe. Then I saw inside that there were fully sophisticated machines. I wondered who made it! Then I saw that the machines were actually running, in the sense it was working. But for my astonishment not a single person was there to operate it! No managers no foremen and no engineers to look after it! Well I thought that someone has started it and has went for a rest. I searched the whole factory but not a single trace of any humans were there. Now I just started to observe the machines. Those machines were such that without any operators it wont work, but they were working by itself. I was amazed and I came outside. There I saw a light lamp. It was made by a glass pole. On the top was a light bulb. There was no connection of any electricity. But the bulb was glowing. It was generating light by itself. How on earth is it possible? Then I broke the pole. The lamp fell down, now there was no connection between the pole and the bulb. But the bulb was still generating light and that too by its own.
Now after all this observations I concluded that all this happened by itself.
Something happened spontaneously and the whole store came into existence. It came into existence in such a way that there was no need of any salesmen or any managers. There was no need to check the availability of the goods. It came into existence in such a way that if any items are out of stock the goods have to arrive in time. How great it is!
I concluded that the factory which was built so nicely came into existence by its own. All the components of the machines had fitted themselves into place and started to run smoothly, giving out excellent products. There was no need of any managers or operators. Not only that the machines were designed by themselves in such a way that it wont get damaged. What a beauty isn't it? Then about the light? I was still wondering how could that bulb glow by itself. Then after several thinking at the end I came to a conclusion that the bulb came into existence by chance. By chance the whole glass was molded in such a way that it would take the shape of a bulb. Now the bulb by itself made the gaseous substance in itself in such a way that it could generate light. How amazing it is, isn't it?
Now who can be a greater philosopher than me who has concluded all this in such a way that no other greatest philosopher wont be able to convince you in such an easy way. Please spread this to others so that they can come to know that there are certain towns in which all these things happen. I know you will be asking for proofs. When certain people say that the whole existence of mankind and the animals and plants and all the natural things on this Earth and not only that the whole universe which is perfect in itself came into existence by chance then why can't these things come into existence by chance? Anything can happen by chance. Though the probability of such chance is near to zero, but it is not completely zero. Hence proved!!!

I would like to end my story by quoting one of the famous and the most noted physicists Isaac Bashevis Singer. Who said in a conference:
"Scientists discovered a deserted island. The scientists who stepped on the island were very impressed by what they saw there. They were fascinated by the jungles and wild animals. They climbed steep hills and examined their surroundings. They could not find the smallest sign of civilization in the island. Just when they were returning to their ship, they found a brand new watch on the beach. It was working perfectly. This was quite intriguing for the scientists. How did this watch come here? They knew for certain that no one had ever set foot on the island before them. So, there was only one other possibility. This watch, with its well crafted leather belt, glass, battery and other parts, came to this island by chance and settled on the beach. There is no other alternative."
To explain the impossibility of this, Singer ended his story in these words:
"Every watch certainly has a watchmaker."
[ Source: Taskin Tuna, Sonsuz Uzaylar (Eternal Spaces), p. 31 ]

Any comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

To know more about the Existence of God, read this link, The Road to Peace and Salvation, written by Maulana Abul A'la Maududi.
Thanks for patient reading.

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Sep 11, 2007

Right to Privacy in Islam


In the Name of Allah the most Merciful the Compassionate.

What is right to privacy? It is the ability of an individual or group to keep their lives and personal affairs out of public view (Wikipedia). So the question is what does Islam say about privacy? People think that Islam does not allow people to have privacy, in other words they say that why does Islam interrupt between one's private life? They actually have a misconception that Islam does not allow them to enjoy in their private life. The main misconception is that they do not make any difference between "Islam" and "Islamic Political System". Islam as an ideology stops one self from doing any wrong thing even in the privacy. Though you are alone you cannot commit any sin. But if you do any wrong thing in the privacy the Islamic System cannot punish you unless their are any eye witness evidences.
Now let us see what Islam talks about one's privacy.
(Qur'an 24:27) O Believers, do not enter other houses than your own until you have the approval of the inmates and have wished them peace; this is the best way for you: it is expected that you will observe it.
The Commandments being given above are meant to prevent the very birth of evil, to reform society and root out the causes responsible for the creation and spread of evil. To understand the commandments let us see what was the condition of Arabs during that time.
According to the Arab custom of the pre-Islamic days, people would enter each other's house freely without permission just by pronouncing 'good morning' or 'good evening'. This unannounced entry sometimes violated the privacy of the people and their women folk. Allah enjoined the principle that everybody has a right to privacy in his own house and no one is entitled to force his entry unannounced and without permission of the inmates.
The rules and regulations enforced by the Holy Prophet in society on receipt of the above Commandment are given below serially:
(1) The 'right of privacy' was not merely confined to the question of entry in the houses, but it was declared as a common right according to which it is forbidden to peep into a house, glance from outside, or even read the other person's letter without his permission.
Hadrat Huzail bin Shurahbil has reported that a man came to see the Holy Prophet and sought permission for entry while standing just in front of the door. The Holy Prophet said to him: "Stand aside: the object of the Commandment for seeking permission is to prevent casting of looks inside the house." (Abu Da'ud - Book 41, Number 5155).
The practice of the Holy Prophet was that whenever he went to see somebody, he would stand aside, to the right or the left of the door, and seek permission as it was not then usual to hang curtains on the doors. (Abu Da'ud - Book 41, Number 5167).
According to Hadrat 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas, the Holy Prophet said: "Whoever glances through the letter of his brother without his permission, glances into fire." (Abu Da'ud, Book 8, Number 1480).
According to Muslim and Bukhari;, the Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "If someone peeps into your house, it will be no sin if you injure his eye with a piece of stone."
In another Tradition, he has said: "The inmates of a house, who injure the eye of the man peeping into their house; are not liable to any punishment." (Abu Da'ud, Book 41, Number 5153)
(2) The jurists have included 'hearing' also under 'glancing'. For instance, if a blind man enters a house without permission, he will not be able to see anybody, but he will certainly be able to hear whatever is going on in the house. This also amounts to violation of the other person's right of privacy.

(3) The Command to seek permission is not only applicable in cases where a person wants to enter the other people's houses, but it also applies to entry in the house of one's own mother or sister.
A man asked the Holy Prophet: "Sir, should I seek permission to enter my mother's house also?" The Holy Prophet replied that he should. The man stated that "there was nobody beside him to look after her", and asked "whether it was necessary to get permission every time he wanted to go in". The Holy Prophet replied: "Yes; would you like that you should see your mother in a naked state" (Ibn Jarir quoting from 'Ata bin Yasar).
(4) The only exception to the general rule is that no permission is needed in case of an emergency or a calamity like theft, fire, etc. One can go for help without permission in such cases.

(5) The system of seeking permission is to say Assalamu-Alaikum and then disclose one's identity and then ask for permission.
It is related that whenever Hadrat `Umar went to see the Holy Prophet, he would say: "Assalam-o- alaikum ya Rasul-Allah, I am `Umar: May I enter!" (Abu Da'ud).
The Holy Prophet enjoined that permission should be asked thrice at the most. If there is no reply even at the third call, one should come back. (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu D'ud)
Once he went to the house of Hadrat Sa'd bin `Ubadah and sought permission twice after greeting with: Assalam-o-`alaikum wa Rahmatullah (peace be upon you and mercy of Allah), but there was no response. After calling for the third time when he received no response, he turned back. Sa'd came out running from the house, and said, "O Messenger of Allah, I was hearing you all right, but I desired to have Allah's peace and mercy invoked upon me through your sacred tongue as often as possible; therefore, I was replying to you in a low voice. " (Abu D'ud - Book 41, Number 5166a, Ahmad).
The three calls as enjoined above should not be made in quick succession, but at suitable intervals so as to allow sufficient time to the inmates to make the response in case they are not free to do so.

(6) The permission for entry should come from the master of the house himself or from some other reliable inmate like a servant or a responsible person, who gives permission on behalf of the master. One should not enter the house on the word of a mere child.

(7) Undue insistence for permission to enter or to keep standing at the door obstinately even after refusal, is not permissible. If no entry is permitted even after three calls, or the master refuses to see, one should go back.

(24:28) Then, if you do not find anyone therein, do not enter until you have been given permission, and if you are told to go back, you should go back. This is a purer way for you; and Allah has full knowledge of what you do.
That is nobody should mind if entry is refused, for everybody has a right to refuse to meet another person, or offer a plea if otherwise busy. The Command "Go back", according to the jurists, means going back in the literal sense and moving away from the door. Nobody has any right to compel the other person for a meeting or to embarrass him by standing obstinately at his door.

Apart from that the next verse gives some more details....
(24:29) There is, however, no harm if you enter houses which are not dwelling places, but contain something useful for you ; Allah knows what you disclose and what you conceal.
"Houses which are not dwelling place" are the hotels, inns, guest houses, shops, staging bungalows, banks, etc. which are generally open to all people. And you need not take any permission to enter.

So the privacy system in Islam does not allow any one to interrupt in the private life of other person. in fact one cannot enter or look into the window of other person without permission or without the willingness of other person. So the unbelievers have the complete freedom to enjoy (to have illegal sex) in their private life and do whatever they want. The only thing they should see to it that it should not be done in public or affect the society by doing so. If they are caught in that act by 4 eye witnesses then they have to face the punishment, which is 100 lashes if s/he is unmarried and stoning to death if s/he is married. And then should not complain that Islamic punishments are harsh and inhuman.
It is better for you to be on the safer side and follow the teachings of Islam by believing in it. Islam calls to peace and salvation in this world and the world hereafter. I pray the you and I get success in this world and the world hereafter. Aameen.

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My Childhood Days I


In the Name of Allah The most Merciful The Compassionate.

Assalamu-Alaikum to you. Here I am going to share my childhood days. It is not that easy to recollect everything from my childhood days and if at all I recollect it also it is difficult to put everything over here. I would first of all like to make you know that I consider my childhood days to be right from the first day of my memory till my 6th standard in School. That will be my 12 years of age, I was 12 when I was in 6th standard.
In fact the dictionary meaning also gives the same type of meaning.

1. the time of person's life when they are a child
2. the state of a child between infancy and adolescence

Ok, let me recollect. Hmmmmmm I dont remember exactly. But I do remember some incidents from my days when I was around 4 years or 5 years old. I may not recollect tell them exactly in chronological order, but I will tell those incidents. I remember that we were going to school. Now you may think who is this WE? Well let me introduce my first friend in my life, he is Haroon Assadi, one of my cousin. He is my Maternal cousin also and Paternal cousin also, so double bonded cousin. He was such a naughty boy that he always used to get beatings from everyone in our house. We both plan something and do some mischiefs and when the elders ask about it with him he used to tell "I dont know who did it", but when asked with me i used to say "Haroon did it". Then what? He used to get beatings, but I wont. lol. But he never fought with me in this regards. We both used to go to School together. I know that it was Christian High School, Udupi. I studied my L.K.G and U.K.G. The moments which I remember from school is that we used to go by Auto Rickshaw, and the driver was very friendly with us. I remember being standing in a line in our school, dont know for what purpose, but I remember it. Then I remember all my class mates playing with the small cycles with 3 tyres. But we were just watching them play as we did not know how to play. Then we learned how to play and we enjoyed it. I remember We used to eat biscuits in class. Those were school days of my KG class. Now let me tell something which I remember from my home - in fact my maternal Grandma's home (I used to stay with her when I was going to school). I still remember that I had a Grand Grand mother. My Mom's Paternal Grand Mother. Or I can say my Maternal Grand Father's Mother. Simpy to say My mother's father's mother. She was too old, but very beautiful, I still remember. We used to play with her. She had a stone by which she used to grind or soften things which she used to eat it later, as she did not have teeth. Sometimes we used to help her. We used to enjoy it. I still remember that tarana which was put in the tape "Jaago Jaago Subah Huwi", and this our "Grand Grandma" used to mimic it like this "Jaago Jaago Sir Mein Bukhaar Hai". And that made me think, that we can change things as we like.
Then I still remember how I used to catch my pencil, my Maternal Grandma used to teach me how to catch the pencil. I dont remember whether my class teacher ever thought me to catch the pencil, but I remember that my Grandma thought me that thing. Then I still remember my Grandma used to teach me how to read. I don't remember whether she thought me ABCD, but I remember those words she thought how to pronounce. Like for example F A N - FAN, C A N - CAN etc. Then I remember she thought me Alif, Ba, Tha - The Arabic alphabets. All these were when I was just 4 to 5 years old.
Then I remember one marriage, of my Maternal uncle. I discussed those incidents with my Aunt, she asked astonishingly "how could u remember it? You were just 4 years old at that time." I told hehe I dont know but I remember. And then one more incident comes into my life. I saw my mom crying, she wept like a child. Then we went to our Grandma's house. There I saw my sweet little "Grand Grandma" is dead. That was the first death I saw in my life and I still remember it. I saw everything from giving bath to Kafan and then Dafan. I prayed the Janaaza Namaaz also. At this moment I totally forgot my cousin. I don't remember whether I was with him or not. Anyways those were the early moments which I could not forget at all. Then we continued to go to school. We both were in standard 1st. I remember I used to excel in getting marks than my cousin, though he was very intelligent than me. Then one day I was separated from my cousin. In fact I was separated from all my relatives. Not only my relatives but also my home town. My dad was working in Riyadh. He got a family visa and we all went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My Childhood II coming soon...

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Aug 30, 2007

Vain Talks!!


I am starting this article after having some discussion in Hijab Community in Orkut. Well I never thought of anything like chatting with someone via internet would fall under Vain Talks. In fact I thought that whatever I chat is something useful for us, or at least for me.
Regarding Vain Talks brother Ahmed created a thread in that community called "Vain Talks" in which he has put some Hadeeths of our beloved Prophet. But those Hadeeths did not make me think over what I used to chat. So I continued with my chatting in the net.
One day I again had some discussion in that community. There it was regarding the beard thing. But the topic deviated from its originality and we went some where else and had started to have chit chat. But later one of our moderators stoped us from having chit chat and told us to take the other thread which was specifically meant for chit chat. But there again Ahmed bhai told me that if we discuss in that thread it would be a vain talk. I got angry. What does it mean if we have some discussion how does it mean Vain Talk?
Then something struck my mind. A word came into my mind and that is "Laghv" and I think this was the word which Ahmed bhai wanted to convey. Then I searched the Quran and got satisfactory answers. I think it would be better to share it with all of you so that you also refrain from Vain Talks.

At first I saw this verse 23:1-3. Let me put the translation from English Tafheem.

(23:1) Most certainly those Believers have attained true success

(23:2) who perform their Salat with humility:

(23:3) who refrain from vain things:

Then I read the commentary made by Maulana Maududi (Alaihi Rahma). It was enough for me to understand what Laghv means. Rather than explaining what I understood I think it would be better if I would produce the same commentary here.

Literally, laghv is anything nonsensical, meaningless and vain, which is in no way conducive to achieving one's goal and purpose in life. The Believers pay no heed to such useless things and they show no inclination or interest for them. If by chance they see such things being indulged in, they keep away and avoid them scrupulously, or treat them with utmost indifference. This attitude has been described in Al-Furqan 25:72,
"(And the servants of the Merciful are those:) who do not bear witness to falsehood and who; if they have ever to pass by what is vain, pass by like dignified people
This is indeed one of the outstanding characteristics of the Believer. He is a person who feels the burden of responsibility at all times; he regards the world as a place of test, and the life as the limited time allowed for the test. This feeling makes him behave seriously and responsibly throughout life just like the student who is taking an examination paper with his whole mind and body and soul absorbed in it. Just as the student knows and feels that each moment of the limited time at his disposal is important and decisive for his future life, and is not inclined to waste it, so the Believer also spends each moment of his life on works which are useful and productive in their ultimate results. So much so that even in matters of recreation and sport, he makes a choice of only those things which prepare him for higher ends in life and do not result in mere wastage of time. For hitn time is not something to be killed but used profitably and productively.
Besides this, the Believer is a person who possesses a right thinking mind, pure nature and fine taste: he has no inclination to indecent things: he can talk useful and healthy things but cannot indulge in idle talk: he has a fine taste of humour, but is not given to jesting, joking, ridicule, etc. nor can he endure dirty jokes and fun. For him a society in which the ears are never immune from abusive language, back-biting, slander; lying, dirty songs and indecent talk is a source of torture and agony. A characteristic of the promised Paradise is: " . . therein you will not hear anything vain or useless."

And the other verse regarding Vain Talk is 25:72

(And the servants of the Merciful are those:) who do not bear witness to falsehood and who; if they have ever to pass by what is vain, pass by like dignified people.

Commentary is as follows.

The Arabic word laghv implies all that is vain, useless and meaningless and it also covers "falsehood". The true servants pass by in a dignified manner if ever they come across "what is vain", as if it were a heap of
tilth. They do not tarry there to enjoy the "filth" of moral impurity, obscenity or foul language, nor do they intentionally go anywhere to hear or see or take part in any sort of "filth".

So from now on wards I will participate in only those discussions which will be profitable to me as well as to others. Comments are welcomed to improve or remove anything from this article. Thanks for patient reading.

Tafheemul Quran in English, and

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Aug 20, 2007

A Half-Developed Eye Cannot See


The eye is one of the most manifest pieces of evidence that living creatures are created. This exceptional organ is so overwhelmingly complex that it surpasses even the most sophisticated devices in the world.
In order for an eye to see, all of its parts have to co-exist and work in harmony. for instance, if an eye happened to have lost its eyelid, but still had all the other parts such as the cornea, conjunctiva, iris, pupil, eye lenses, retina, choroid, eye muscles, and tear glands, it would still be greatly damaged and soon lose its seeing function. In the same manner, even if all its organelles were present, if the tear production were stopped, the eye would soon dry out and become blind..
The chain of coincidences’ posited by so called evolutionists loses all its meaning against the complex structure of the eye. It is not possible to explain the existence of the eye other than as a matter of special creation. The eye has a multi-sectioned complex system and, as discussed above, all of these individual sections had to come into existence at the same time
It is impossible for a half-developed eye to function at ‘half capacity’. In such a circumstance, the act of seeing can by no means take place. An evolutionist scientist admits to this truth:
The common trait of the eyes and the wings is that they can only function if they are fully developed. In other words, a halfway-developed eye cannot see; a bird with half-formed wings cannot fly.(Bilim ve Teknik magazine, vol. 203, p. 25)

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Aug 10, 2007

Invalidating Miller-Urey's experiment


In The Name of Allah

Hoping that you know about the Miller-Urey's experiment, I will just give some Facts which clearly invalidates the experiment... But please take the pain to read all of them, because I have taken some pain to read them and arrange them so that I can post them here... Thanks in advance for ur patience reading...[:)]

Miller's experiment sought to prove that amino acids could form on their own in primordial earth-like conditions, but it contains inconsistencies in a number of areas.
The FOUR FACTS that invalidate the experiment:
1- By using a mechanism called a "cold trap," Miller isolated the amino acids from the environment as soon as they were formed. Had he not done so, the conditions in the environment in which the amino acids were formed would immediately have destroyed these molecules.

Doubtless, this kind of conscious isolation mechanism did not exist on the primordial earth. Without such a mechanism, even if one amino acid were obtained, it would immediately have been destroyed. The chemist Richard Bliss expresses this contradiction by observing that "Actually, without this trap, the chemical products, would have been destroyed by the energy source."
---Richard B. Bliss, Gary E. Parker, Duane T. Gish, Origin of Life, C.L.P. Publications, 3rd ed., California, 1990, pp. 14-15.
And, sure enough, in his previous experiments, Miller had been unable to make even one single amino acid using the same materials without the cold trap mechanism.

2- The primordial atmosphere that Miller attempted to simulate in his experiment was not realistic. In the 1980s, scientists agreed that nitrogen and carbon dioxide should have been used in this artificial environment instead of methane and ammonia.
So why did Miller insist on these gases? The answer is simple: without ammonia, it was impossible to synthesize any amino acid. Kevin Mc Kean talks about this in an article published in Discover magazine:

Miller and Urey imitated the ancient atmosphere on the Earth with a mixture of methane and ammonia. ...However in the latest studies, it has been understood that the Earth was very hot at those times, and that it was composed of melted nickel and iron. Therefore, the chemical atmosphere of that time should have been formed mostly of nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O). However these are not as appropriate as methane and ammonia for the production of organic molecules
---Kevin Mc Kean, Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology), no. 189, p. 7

The American scientists J. P. Ferris and C. T. Chen repeated Miller's experiment with an atmospheric environment that contained carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and water vapor, and were unable to obtain even a [b]single amino acid molecule[/b]
---J. P. Ferris, C. T. Chen, "Photochemistry of Methane, Nitrogen, and Water Mixture As a Model for the Atmosphere of the Primitive Earth," Journal of American Chemical Society, vol. 97:11, 1975, p. 2964

3- Another important point that invalidates Miller's experiment is that there was enough oxygen to destroy all the amino acids in the atmosphere at the time when they were thought to have been formed. This fact, overlooked by Miller, is revealed by the traces of oxidized iron found in rocks that are estimated to be 3.5 billion years old.
---"New Evidence on Evolution of Early Atmosphere and Life," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 63, November 1982, pp. 1328-1330

There are other findings showing that the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere at that time was much higher than originally claimed by evolutionists. Studies also show that the amount of ultraviolet radiation to which the earth was then exposed was 10,000 times more than evolutionists' estimates. This intense radiation would unavoidably have freed oxygen by decomposing the water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This situation completely negates Miller's experiment, in which oxygen was completely neglected. If oxygen had been used in the experiment, methane would have decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and ammonia into nitrogen and water. On the other hand, in an environment where there was no oxygen, there would be no ozone layer either; therefore, the amino acids would have immediately been destroyed, since they would have been exposed to the most intense ultraviolet rays without the protection of the ozone layer. In other words, with or without oxygen in the primordial world, the result would have been a deadly environment for the amino acids.

4- At the end of Miller's experiment, many organic acids had also been formed with characteristics detrimental to the structure and function of living things. If the amino acids had not been isolated, and had been left in the same environment with these chemicals, their destruction or transformation into different compounds through chemical reactions would have been unavoidable.

Moreover, Miller's experiment also produced right-handed amino acids. --Richard B. Bliss & Gary E. Parker, Duane T. Gish, Origin of Life, C.L.P. Publications, 3rd ed., California, 1990, p. 16 The existence of these amino acids refuted the theory even within its own terms, because right-handed amino acids cannot function in the composition of living organisms. To conclude, the circumstances in which amino acids were formed in Miller's experiment were not suitable for life. In truth, this medium took the form of an acidic mixture destroying and oxidizing the useful molecules obtained.

All these facts point to one firm truth: Miller's experiment cannot claim to have proved that living things formed by chance under primordial earth-like conditions. The whole experiment is nothing more than a deliberate and controlled laboratory experiment to synthesize amino acids. The amount and types of the gases used in the experiment were ideally determined to allow amino acids to originate. The amount of energy supplied to the system was neither too much nor too little, but arranged precisely to enable the necessary reactions to occur. The experimental apparatus was isolated, so that it would not allow the leaking of any harmful, destructive, or any other kind of elements to hinder the formation of amino acids. No elements, minerals or compounds that were likely to have been present on the primordial earth, but which would have changed the course of the reactions, were included in the experiment. Oxygen, which would have prevented the formation of amino acids because of oxidation, is only one of these destructive elements. Even under such ideal laboratory conditions, it was impossible for the amino acids produced to survive and avoid destruction without the "cold trap" mechanism.

In fact, by his experiment, Miller destroyed evolution's claim that "life emerged as the result of unconscious coincidences." That is because, if the experiment proves anything, it is that amino acids can only be produced in a controlled laboratory environment where all the conditions are specifically designed by conscious intervention.

Today, Miller's experiment is totally disregarded even by the so called evolutionist scientists. In the February 1998 issue of the famous evolutionist science journal Earth, the following statements appear in an article titled "Life's Crucible":

Geologist now think that the primordial atmosphere consisted mainly of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, gases that are less reactive than those used in the 1953 experiment. And even if Miller's atmosphere could have existed, how do you get simple molecules such as amino acids to go through the necessary chemical changes that will convert them into more complicated compounds, or polymers, such as proteins? Miller himself throws up his hands at that part of the puzzle. "It's a problem," he sighs with exasperation. "How do you make polymers? That's not so easy."
----"Life's Crucible," Earth, February 1998, p. 34

As seen, today even Miller himself has accepted that his experiment does not lead to an explanation of the origin of life. In the March 1998 issue of National Geographic, in an article titled "The Emergence of Life on Earth," the following comments appear:

Many scientists now suspect that the early atmosphere was different to what Miller first supposed. They think it consisted of carbon dioxide and nitrogen rather than hydrogen, methane, and ammonia.

That's bad news for chemists. When they try sparking carbon dioxide and nitrogen, they get a paltry amount of organic molecules - the equivalent of dissolving a drop of food coloring in a swimming pool of water. Scientists find it hard to imagine life emerging from such a diluted soup.
----"The Rise of Life on Earth," National Geographic, March 1998, p. 68.

In brief, neither Miller's experiment, nor any other similar one that has been attempted, can answer the question of how life emerged on earth. All of the research that has been done shows that it is impossible for life to emerge by chance, and thus confirms that life is created. The reason evolutionists do not accept this obvious reality is their blind adherence to prejudices that are totally unscientific. Interestingly enough, Harold Urey, who organized the Miller experiment with his student Stanley Miller, made the following confession on this subject:

All of us who study the origin of life find that the more we look into it, the more we feel it is too complex to have evolved anywhere. We all believe as an article of faith that life evolved from dead matter on this planet. It is just that its complexity is so great, it is hard for us to imagine that it did
-----W. R. Bird, The Origin of Species Revisited, Thomas Nelson Co., Nashville, 1991, p. 325

Pheeew... Thanks for ur patience reading... And ya if u want the source of info please ask I can give it, and if u want this to be mailed please give ur mail id...

Thanks.. [:)]
Help from HarunYahya

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Bahut Khoobsoorat Ho Tum - Ghazal


Bahut Khoobsoorat Ho Tum
Bahut Khoobsoorat Ho Tum
Agar Main Jo Kehdoon Mohobbat Hai Tumse
Tho Mujhko Khudaara Galat Mat Samajhna
Ke Meri Zaroorat Ho Tum
Bahut Koobsoorat Ho Tum
Ye Chehra Tumhaara Ke Din Hai Sunehra
Aur Uspar Ye Kaali Ghataaon Ka Pehra
Gulaabon Sa Naazuk Mehekta Badan Hai
Ye Lab Hain Tumhaare Ke Khilta Chaman Hai

Bikheron Na Zulfen, Tho Sharmaayen Baadal
Farishtey Bhi Dekhen Tho Hojaayen Paagal
Wo Pakeeza Moorath Ho Tum
Bahut Khoobsoorat Ho Tum
Hain Phoolon Ki Daali Ye Baahen Tumhaari
Hai Khaamosh Jaadu Nigaahen Tumhaari
Jo kaanten Hon Sab Apni Daaman Mein Bhar Loon
Bichaawoon Main Kaliyon Se Raahen Tumhaari

Nazar Se Zamaane Ki Khudko Bachaana
Kisi Aur Se Dekho Dil Na Lagaana
Ke Meri Amaanath Ho Tum
Bahut Khoobsurat Ho Tum
Jo Banke Kali Muskuraati Hai Aksar
Shab-e-Hijr Mein Wo Rulaati Hai Aksar
Jo Lamhon Hi Lamhon Mein Duniya Badalde
Jo Shaayar Ko Milti Hai Pehloo Ghazal Se

Chupaana Jo Paawoon Chupaa Hi Na Paawoon
Bhulaana Jo Paawoon Bhulaa Hi Na Paawoon
Wo Pehli Mohabbat Ho Tum
Bahut Khoobsurat Ho Tum
Agar Main Jo Kehdoon Mohobbat Hai Tumse
Tho Mujhko Kudaara Galat Mat Samajhna
Ke Meri Zaroorat Ho Tum
Bahut Koobsoorat Ho Tum

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